Our beach

the botanical garden "La Soldanella"

Our private beach is an area of about 10,000 sqm which  faces the public beach and the sea to the North of Marina di Castagneto Carducci.
  It is a completely enclosed Botanical Garden where information is given about the plants, flowers and vegetation all with the aim of preserving and enhancing the Mediterranean sand dune environment.
Along the garden's many pathways you will find information boards describing what you see around you so that you may better admire and appreciate it. 
There are six areas in the garden where you may rest in the shade of century old pine and juniper trees and where you will find tables, benches, water and light.
At the garden's main entrance you will find reserved for you a parking space in the shade.
It is an especially enchanting location in the evening at sunset when the sounds, scents and colours are all particularly intense.

Entrance and parking area

See the educational panels

See the educational panels